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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 26 Shine, Princess Nine!

The game is rather important and is transmitted naturally in the radio. Mr. Hotta does not remain concealed therefore, what walks there. And as Mr. Yama it beichtet that he told Koharu of its breakdown, is also clear, what is suddenly loose with its daughter, to it. It commands to bring it brush and paper. The girls stand directly before one just as heavy as embarrassing defeats. Yet at least some do not abandon. Seira strikes to be sure badly, races for that however all the more better. Hikaru becomes angefeuert of Seishiro strongly and brings it also a field further. Koharu is as a next beater at it, but she has no more hope. There Nene brings it a hurry-fax of its father. On that side abundance is exact a Kanj: Kaze (wind). A current push goes through Koharu. It is changed. How in deep meditation stands sunk it on the bottom line. In the first throw, it did not notch even with the eyelash. Also in the second not. And then the wind breaks loose. It shoots form into a b

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