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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 24 The kiss

The girls practice, and Ryo has to its old form zurückgefunden. At the next day, the second season-game is, and the Kisaragi-team wins form into a ball rather sovereign, thanks to a row of Ryos Lightning. In the third game, it goes against the Maruyama university. Shino observes the game on television and places also the picture of its man Hidehiko on the table so that he can watch. It is enormously proud of its daughter. And in addition it has also all reason, for again it is to be owed mainly Ryo that the Kisaragi-Mdchenteam wins. And moreover they entrain all other with its success. The girls knees itself powerfully purely. In the game four against the Nakamurabashi team, the victory series goes further. And so they are found in that quarterfinal of the regional league again. Without a trace the strains go at the girls to be sure yet not over. Mao has form into a ball catch must sore hands, because it so many of Ryos Lightning, and just these go also strongly at Ryos powers

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