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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 19 Hearts & Diamonds

It is June and very hot. The girls train diligently, but there is only a shower and they must selected, who comes first at it. Kido emerges and and explains, the team bruchte an official Captain. And in addition Ryo auserkoren becomes. The other find the one very good idea and Ryo prides rather and promises Kido to give its best. Ryo gets accidentally with that at the next day Hirokis 16th birthday is. That catches it coldly because it has naturally no gift. In the evening, the coach sits once again in Shinos bar and converses made has with Shino over Ryo, and why it it to the Captain. Because it an unbezwingbaren battle spirit, exactly like its mother, that had placed led has all the years entirely on itself alone the tavern. And naturally like Hidehiko. Above in its room, Ryo sits meanwhile and embroiders last pricks itself for Hiroki a handkerchief what costs it a few things at blood, because it into the fingers. And because it the half night on that seat, is it at the next

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