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Gedankenverloren slinks Izumi through the streets. Hiroki arrived in the mean time in the orphanage. Ryo really was able to rescue both children, but she herself landed in the hospital. Hiroki is delighted few, that to reports. But that is not yet all: Ryo wrestles with the death, for she perfectly exhausted herself in the rescue. Now pulses, temperature are and blood pressure far under the standard value, and if that so goes on, it will make it no longer long. Takasugi calls Shino, and they make itself on the way after Hanguri. With Keikos saloon car by the way, for also it was informed of Hiroki. Also the girls want there, also if they have not the entire story mitbekommen. Nene, efficiently and Innovatively like always, organizes them the bus of its father, and they so go expressed luxurious. Underway yet Seira read itself and Kanako, that slinks itself secretly out of the house, up, and then it goes on to Hanguri. Then even yet Yoko stands on the street, that has itself of

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