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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 16 Exile

At the Kisaragi-school, one already always knew it: Ryo does not belong here, and the baseball-team first quite not. And the parents adviser is decided to abolish both at this school. For the actual problem is not no longer that what made Hidehiko 20 years ago or, but rather the scandal that became from that now. The old Takasugi gives would be, to consider, a student to throw out a very serious thing that one had to consider well. But the press snoops everywhere around, and that burdens all students. The parents claim to have turned down and that immediately. Takasugi and Keiko have bad cards in this case. The girls are disappointed over the press very. Just yet they were is released the starlings, now at least one of them to the launching. Kanako has is always yet house crazy, Yoko in the before language and Izumi in the duration course-training. Around the team, it does not stand good. And as the girls (at least that, that yet there are) are so correctly sour, come the pare

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