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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 14 Lightning ball

It becomes narrow for the girls. Ryo is again at it with throwing, but the Batter set itself in the mean time to it. That first form into a ball goes would bark into the end, then verschmeißt it the other so that the Batter advance all a field. Also the next encounters form into a ball the Batter. Kanako slips around a hair the wig, therefore it does not form into a ball catch that correctly, and Rinkai so obtains 2 points. And Ryo becomes would bark exactly predict can clear, that the Batter the throw in the mean time to hers and encounter become therefore probably usually. That is would be therefore the end, it then, you fell something else brilliant on. Hikaru muntert Kanako up, but that makes itself heavy reproaches. Because it fails - because of the stupid wig - was able to have Rinkai 2 points make. Furiously she tears herself it of the head. Chancellor Mita and Kodanuki can hardly believe it, who comes under that to the light. Mita suffers a little shock that lets petr

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