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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 12 One hundred pitches

Yoko practices once again a sample reception, this time for a wig-advertisement. Nene and Kanako must listen to its presentation, and Nene shows Yoko then how it yet better could make it. In the training, all good achievements (except Yoko naturally) show, but Mao seems to have a problem. And Izumi has already an eye on that. Meanwhile Kido Ryo shows a video of the Rinkai-team. No geniuses are to be sure under that, but everyone is well trained boys with solid technology. Ryo certainly not is could win the view, it, would bark would throw could because it its fast not going through. Kido should form into a ball teach its the Lightning. It willigt on, but under a condition: a piece of forest must dig up Ryo because it wanted design there a vegetable garden. Ryo believes, Kido would spin is a little, but that entire and not at all so. It must dig up the field entirely alone, and that is condemned one hard and long work. But it forms into a ball learn unconditionally the Lightning

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