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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 11 Aim for Koshien!

The dramatic victory of the Kisaragi-girls stands even in the newspapers. Ryo makes itself best mood on the way into the school and to the training. Shino is also very proud of it. Hardly Ryo is stands away, there Kido in the door. It wants to tell its old friend Hidehiko, whose shrine stands on a closet in Shinos house, over its success. Shino knew not at all that both generally known have itself. Meanwhile Izumi stands before the school-oven and burns its tennis equipment. Keiko and Yanagida watch its at the same time of the office out of reflectively. And also Keiko concludes to take the next train now in attack. Izumi shortly cut itself also the hairs. Your beloved tennis rackets rise in smoke. It gives now no way back more. On the way to the school, Ryo will be the skirt and an old man hat high bubble. Ryo gets the hat with a well aimed throw of the tree again down and returns the friendly old man to it. It throws so sent that the hat lands exactly on its head. That tha

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