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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 10 The Kisaragi Nine

On the place of the Kisaragi-school where the game of the Kisaragi-girls takes place against the Meio-team, spin the first reporters on. They are very curious on that, what they should offered get there. Also Mita and Kodanuki are present. The girls are rather nervous, above all Kanako. And it does not understand that its father does not recognize it, only because it carries a wig. Yoko worries asks about its Makeup and Seira it whether it did not want go out perhaps not also yet hochhackigen shoes. And Yuki asks Fifi to protect it. Player number 9 will be by the way Nene, lets and grins that its team also now not in the sting like a gingerbread horse. Izumi plays meanwhile alone tennis with itself. Hiroki means, it should yet not so disturbed be and watch at least. And then it goes off. The boys are surprised rather how quickly Ryo throws. The first Batter is outside, then the second, and on Keikos, a fine smile appears to severe face. The third Batter flies out, and change the

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