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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 9 Winners & Losers

And even chancellor Mita with rather reflective face and next to it Kodanuki, that openly before itself hingrinst, are present and watch, in addition naturally Izumis friends, Seishiro and some other. Of a hill down also Keiko watches. Ryo throws with all power. None holds it for possible that Izumi also only encounters form into a ball that, but encounters it. Hiroki was an extraordinary trainer, and it is an extraordinary athlete. To be sure that flies form into a ball unfavorably and lands exactly in Yoko, that goes draufhin in cover instead of catching it. For otherwise the team already would have won. Ryo is surprised how good Izumi became sudden. And as it Takasugi at the edge of the field stand sees, becomes sudden clear, why. Next throw. Izumi so worked up itself in the training that the pains in its hands let it this blow totally verse meadow. It has a blow however yet. Ryo throws, Izumi encounters, but it becomes again a foul. Therefore yet once. Ryo considers form i

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