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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 8 The future on the line

Ryo explains Izumi the situation, but that laughs it only from. It does not keep in mind in the dream to abandon its tennis for this motley team and the crazy idea of its mother. Later Izumi fits the old Yanagida, Keikos secretary, after service end off, holds it the amulet of its mother before the nose and asks it very directly, who the man in the picture would be. Yet as good secretary, Yanagida is too discrete in order to betrayed that. As next, it appears in Kido, that broods just over the assembly to the game. Izumi has the feeling that the coach knows somewhat about that. It knows wants to know also, but first once it why Izumi is interested for that. Now, its mother Keiko is believes an icily-detached woman, also to its, and it that the reason has to do for this behavior with this man. Kido betrays its nevertheless that the picture was made 20 years ago. Its Keiko itself should tell the remainder. There she must herself first once in the tennis abreagieren. To ask for i

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