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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 7 We need you Izumi

Ryo is oppressed rather because of that, what learned it over Hiroki. When it encounters it before the school, welcomed it it correspondingly coolly about what that is surprised rather. Izumi trains once again tennis and is perfect like always. Something intimidates slinks arrives Ryo at its past, but as it in the training, is its mood again better. Coach Kido is very satisfied with the new uniforms, and the girls are everyone already very wildly on that to begin with the practicing. Mao has a couple of problem, Ryos would bark to catch, but otherwise all goes very prettily ahead. Until the row comes at Yuki, that is afraid form into a ball of that. It could encounter it yes and could damage its precious face. The girls make its clearly that that so does not go. Behind a tree half hidden Ryo sees stand a girl, that just as shun like curiously to them hinübersieht. When Ryo addresses it, it runs therefrom. Meanwhile also Kodanuki observes, that Konrektor, what so does itself at t

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