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The means training dismisses its students in a large ceremony. Many never will meet again itself probably. Nevertheless Seishiro and Ryo remain together. Seishiro wants to carry out Ryo to the celebration of the day, but that has no time: training. Accordingly it devours at the noon a double portion rice. Your mother is surprised means very prettily, but Ryo, she would need certainly much energy. On the campus runs its first Takasugi that it teases a little, and then Izumi that begins to the tennis training, over the way. Ryo gives lent had Takasugi the towel, that it its once back and a little gift in addition - in all innocence exactly before Izumis eyes. Only: with the training it seems nothing to become. It is entire alone on the place. There Yanagida, Keikos secretary appears, and it takes with into the office where nevertheless two new members of the team wait: Yuki and Hikaru. Yuki does not speak very much, Hikaru for that all the more more (it has not only a cute voice,

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