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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 2 A baseball team at a prestigious girl's school?

And so it comes to the first duel between Ryo and Takasugi. Ryo and its Catcher Takasugi want to outmaneuver a little in that it throws intentionally somewhat beside it. Yet the shot goes off to the rear: Takasugi encounters nevertheless. Moreover it sees through the little game and admonishes would not pull Ryo, such tricks with it. Shino is charmed rather, knows Ryo on the other hand not, what should hold it by the thing. When Ryo of the school comes home, a thick saloon car stands before the door. Keikos people delivered Shino an entirely official invitation for Ryo. It should appear herself tomorrow to an interview. And if it exists, it gets a scholarship under the condition that it joins the new baseball-team. Ryo can hardly believe it. Moreover: who helps then its mother in store? And then Izumi Ryo sees stand directly next to Takasugi, and that is the start of a long and intensive enmity.

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