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Watch Princess Nine online: Episode 1 Hayakawa Ryou, Age 15

In a short back orifice plate, we see Hayakawa Hidehiko, about 20 years ago the rising star at the Japanese baseball-sky. Rather not usually at the same time is that this replacement man is a replacement woman: Hayakawa Ryo. Ryo, a cheerful young girl, was late. Himuro Keiko sits in a saloon car and observes Ryos throws very attentively. After the school, Ryo and Seishiro encounter themselves. On television just is announced that the Kisaragi-school two young tip athletes was able to win as new students: the baseball-player Takasugi Hiroki for this Kisaragi-boy-waiter training and the tennis-genius Himuro Izumi, the daughter of the administration boss Himuro Keiko, for the Kisaragi-girl-waiter training. When Takasugi and Izumi arrive, they are expected already of some reporters. Both are by the way, exactly like Ryo and Seishiro, already its eternities friendly. Accidentally also Keiko goes just before, and the reporters exploit that and attack at once over it. It seems to be worth

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