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It has been 35 years since Lin Minmei brought peace between the Zentradi and the humans. Basara and his band "Fire Bomber" are a struggling up and coming group on the Macross 7, an intergalactic colony ship traveling through space looking for a new planet to call home. During its flight, an unknown alien race appeared and started laying siege upon the colony. However, its attacks are not conventional - instead of trying to destroy them, they steal what is known as "spiritia," leaving victims in a catatonic state. Basara, yearning to have his music heard, flies into the battle zone in his Valkerie to spread the message of music.

Actors: Takahashi Hiroki, Rio Natsuki, Sho Hayami, Masashi Sugawara, You Inoue, Ryunosuke Ohbayashi, Nobutoshi Canna, Takehito Koyasu, Tomo Sakurai, Urara Takano, Eri Takeda
Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction
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    Episode 14:   
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 2: On Stage  
Season 3
    Episode 1: Wonder  
    Episode 2: Cemetery  
    Episode 3: Lonesome  
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