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Actors: Barbara Walters, Cynthia McFadden, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Ann Walters, Bill Ritter, Deborah Roberts, John Quiñones, Perri Peltz, Lisa McRee, Brian Ross, John Stossel, Chris Wallace, Martin Bashir, Elizabeth Vargas, Sander Vanocur, L
    Episode 9: Greed  
    Episode 20: Enough!  
Season 1
    Episode 1: 6/6/1978  
Season 25
Season 26
Season 31
    Episode 1: Witness  
Season 32
    Episode 31: Part 1  
    Episode 32: Part 2  
Season 34
    Episode 1: Witness  
    Episode 12: Cher  
    Episode 26:   
    Episode 30:   
    Episode 33:   
    Episode 35:   
    Episode 43:   
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