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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 13 Episode 39

Harry and Lucy run off. The head steward tells the others that he has a new game for them to play ""Scaring Harry and Lucy"" Harry and Lucy get lost and Lucy gets emotional over it. Harry thinks something is up, because no one has followed them. Leon and Shona get board and end up playing tag. Leon manages to find Harry and Lucy. Harry pushes Leon over and stamps on his foot. Harry and Lucy run off and find a cabin, they go in side to hide and look around and find beds with the others name on, and then they see two beds with there names on them. Gerry arrives and finds them. Lucy and Harry ask Gerry if he can remember anything, Gerry can't and thinks he is too young to be a teacher. Lucy and Harry manage to get him to play blind man's bluff with them and manage to escape. Harry and Lucy arrive at a river and Harry decides to go look for a way to the beach. Harry arrives at the beach and sees boat in the water. Meanwhile Lucy is hiding but hears Simon calling out to her and she freaks ou

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