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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 10 Episode 36

Gerry gets into the ambulance an drives off. Simon gets Gerry to stop the ambulance, Simon asks Harry how they can be sure if Gerry is the real thing, and not working for Stanich or the aliens. Lucy, still in the ambulance, hears the radio and them being told to pull over and let them out. Lucy gets out and tells the others that they've bee found. They decide to walk the rest of the way. That evening Simon shows Harry the tape of the cave paintings and shows him th one of a figure splitting into two people and suggests that Gerry may have got made into two Gerry's and they got the alien one. Gerry tells Simon all that happened to them. Simon then suggests, to Harry that the aliens could of fed that information into Gerry. The next day Gerry tells the others that he heard Stanich mention Marronconba Island quite a bit and suggest that they go there. After another argument they head off. When they spot a road block, they manage to go pass unnoticed and believe that it's a sign that there

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