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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 8 Episode 34

Chrissie and Simon wake up and realize they have one full day left before they disappear. So they decide to go and look for Gerry in the town. Stanich ells Sharpe not to tell Lucy and Harry about Gerry and the others. Harry over hears them talking. Simon and Chrissie arrive at a beach when a dog approaches them and Chrissie, who doesn't get along with dogs, throws a stick into the ocean and the dog goes in after it, the owners tell them not worry, the dog likes water too much that it's hard to get him out of the water at times, so they go in after the dog, Simon decides to go in and help them. Chrissie watches the witness report about four of them walking into the waves and Chrissie heads out into the waves and screams. Lucy tries to contact Gerry but a hand grabs her. Sharpe arrives at Harry's room, to discover he is missing. Simon manages to calm Chrissie down after her vision of them in the waves. Lucy is relived that it's Harry who grabbed her. Harry tells her what he over heard an

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