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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 7 Episode 33

Stanich tells Harry and Lucy that Simon and Chrissie might of vanished, like Shona and Leon, so they continue on to find Professor Sharpe. Simon and Chrissie are dropped of by the white Ute in the middle of the bush, Simon decides to look around to see if he can find anybody, Chrissie stays put. Stanich, Lucy and Harry arrive at Professor Sharpe's, and discover that Gerry's file has gone missing. Lucy and Harry tell Sharpe abut the eclipses and Leon disappearing, and Sharpe gives Harry a check over. Stanich asks Lucy if she can remember anything important, but Lucy says she can't. Later Lucy, Stanich and Sharpe are talking about the red eye and how people might get it, they work out that it's to do with fear, because they're afraid for their lives. So they agree to try and keep Harry calm. Simon and Chrissie set up camp, and find Shona's camera and watch the last things she said, about if she said to much or not. Sharpe tells Lucy that there have been a lot of reports about abducted pe

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