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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 5 Episode 31

Shona turns around and sees Stancih and freaks out, Shona demand Stanich to tell her where Leon is, Stanich says she doesn't know. Harry and Lucy wait for Shona and talk about how everything doesn't seem real, Lucy says she feels like Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'. Simon and Chrissie hitch a lift and end up getting taken to town by a police mechanic. Shona tells Stanich what happened at the eclipse. Stanich says she will help her find the others. Shona suddenly sees Leon, but it turns out to be a solider, whom Stanich manages to get rid off; Shona's eye goes red. Harry and Lucy decide to go look for Shona. Simon and Chrissie end up at the hospital, but Chrissie refuses to going, after what happened to them the last time the went. Shona and Stanich are driving around, but Shona can't remember which way she came from. Harry and Lucy find them selves back at the ravine and see blinding flashes of light, Harry thinks it's another alien encounter, but it turns out to be the reflection of

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