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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 13 Episode 26

Lucy has a vision in which David and Sarah tell her to believe in the power of the group. Lucy tells the rest of the group and place their hands on top of Chrissie and she comes too. Water trickles out of Simon's hole. They finally arrive at the caves and Simon shows them the cave paintings. Lucy begins to feel claustrophobic and runs out of the caves. When there is an earth tremor and the rest of the group are caved in. Lucy tells the others she'll go get help. The group talk about their time in Australia and go to sleep. The next morning they discover another hole which they climb though and discover more cave paintings which speaks of an eclipse. When they hear someone moving the rocks in the other cavern. They go back and are shocked to come face to face with Stanich. They group get back together with Lucy, who tells them she fell over and Stanich's agents found her. The group confront Stanich; who tells them she is on their side and she tells them how her people are wanting her to

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