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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 11 Episode 24

Harry claims the truck was a UFO. Lucy and Harry talk about what happened and Lucy reminds him of how they all have changed since they arrived in Australia. That night Lucy dreams of David and Sarah who tells her to find him, and then she sees Gerry, who tells her to follow the sign. The next day Lucy finds a sign to Moongooba. Chrissie tells her not to take literally. Simon watches in horror as he sees Rusty being towed away. So he and Vic decide to find the twins. When they find Ruby and Ann the twins refuse to speak. When Vic tells them about the cave paintings and how he believes Simon is important they agree to help, only if they are aloud to come as well. Lucy tells the group that she'll go alone if they won't help her find Gerry, so the others drive off with out her, only to return later and they all decide to go to the hospital. At the airport Simon comes face to face with Stanich who tells him she is only trying to help the aliens. Simon doesn't believe her. Stanich's radio

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