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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 10 Episode 23

The group have secretly managed to get out of Rusty. Shona tells Leon she left her family photo's in Rusty, so Leon agrees to go and get the photo's. Meanwhile Vic shows Simon go back into the caves where Vic shows Simon a picture of a figure next to a spider and Vic tells Simon that the person is him, meaning Simon, and tells him that he is important. Meanwhile Stanich learns that there were no bodies found in Rusty. The group arrives at a church where they meet the twins who shows them a Land Rover, which Harry brought to replace Rusty. The twins give the groups maps, including one they made them selves, and ask if they ca go, but the group decide that it's best if they didn't so the twins hop onto a bus and leave. Vic shows another figure, Simon again, and tells him that it's him in the Glass Mountains and he needs to be with the others. Vic and Simon head of to an airport and hop onto a plane and fly to the Gold Coast, to find the others. Vic points out the Glass Mountains to

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