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Watch Jeopardy 2002 online: Episode 1 Episode 14

The helicopter arrives and the group is picked up and flown to a field where they are picked up and taken to the hospital. In the hospital Shona runs into a pair of identical twin girls, who are watching David's video, when asked what they're think they're doing they see Gerry in the video and say that he is their friend. Shona tries to tell Lucy about the twins, but they have disappeared. The group, except David and Sarah, get back together and watch as Gerry is being taken away. Harry, Lucy, Shona, Leon, Chrissie and Simon are taken to a facility where they discover that their mobile phones have been taken. There they meet Helen Stanich, their alliance. Who tells them they can't contact Scotland until they have been debriefed. That night a phone rings and Leon answers it, it's David who tells him that they need to leave. The next day they look around and Lucy finds a phone, and Stanich catches her trying to call Scotland. Shona and Leon notice security camera's all around the boun

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