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Watch Steve Harveys Big Time Challenge online: Episode 13 Episode 213

This episode includes Mini Elvis, Lynn Early and Clyde, her 600-pound pet buffalo, the ""gleeker"" Jason Jones, street performer Tony Vera. And also the world's fastest board-breaker and the Firecracker Kid. Act 1: Mini Elvis Performance: Man impersonates a small version of Elvis Presley. Julie: 9.5 Pts. Ant: 8 Pts. Pauly: 8 Pts. Total Points: 25.5 Pts. Act 2: Buffalo Gal Performance: Woman dances with her buffalo. Julie: 6 Pts. Ant: 6 Pts. Pauly: 7 Pts. Total Points: 19 Pts. Act 3: The Gleeker Performance: Man trys to gleek (saliva shot from underneath the tongue) out a candle. Julie: 4 Pts. Ant: 5 Pts. Pauly: 6 Pts. Total Points: 15 Pts. Act 4: Chair Stacker Performance: Man picks a chair up holding a woman from the audience with his teeth. Julie: 9 Pts. Ant: 7 Pts. Pauly: 9 Pts. Total Points: 25 Pts. Act 5: Firecracker Kid Performance: Man lights 90 firecrackers attached to his chest. Julie: 9.5 Pts. Ant: 10 Pts. Pauly: 10 Pts. Total Points: 29.5 Pts. Act 6: 100 Bo

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