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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 25 Monkees Blow Their Minds

Unable to write a song for his mates, Peter consults The Great Oracullo at his House Of Mysteries. Learning The Monkees are due to be booked at The Club Cassandra, a nightclub, for a ten-week gig, the hypnotist decides to take over their spot. He laces a cup of tea with a formula that induces hypnosis and gives it to Peter, who drinks it and becomes paralyzed under Oracullo's spell. During The Monkees' audition at The Cassandra, Peter puts on his bass backwards, thumbs his nose, crows like a rooster, and breaks one of Micky's drums. Latham, the manager, turns them down and views Oracullo's act, which he signs up. Learning that Peter's mind has been freaked, Micky, Michael and David, determined to rescue him, lure Oracullo to the pad where Michael detains him with a story about his losing his memory in a horrible accident while carrying a briefcase containing $50,000 in cash, and is now willing to give half of it to the person who'll help him find it. In Oracullo's absence, David and Mi

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