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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 24 Some Like it Lukewarm (a.k.a. The Band Contest)

The Monkees try to enter a KXIW Rockathon contest for a $500 prize, but Jerry Blavat, a DJ who is also the MC, insists it's only for groups of mixed sex, and they must have a girl. They change Davy's appearance and teach him a mincing walk, using a rope, frying pans, and a heavy book. At the contest, The Monkees present Davy as Miss Jones and are officially qualified. In the Rockathon, the boys watch The West Minstrel Abbies, 3 girls and a boy respectively comprised of Harmony, Melody, Caphophone, and William McCochran (who is actually Daphne, a drag king), do a speedy rendition of ""Last Train To Clarksville"" at 78 RPM. The Monkees go on with their act, singing ""The Door Into Summer"" and doing everything possible to keep Davy from escaping. The bands both tie for first place (with a 98.6!), and must appear for a rematch. At the pad, Jerry Blavat shows up. While Micky, Mike and Peter hide, Jerry offers to take ""Miss Jones"" out on a date, which Davy turns down. Davy won't go out with the

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