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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 23 Monkees Mind Their Manor

As The Monkees rehearse, Mr. Friar, who has a habit of fainting, arrives and informs Davy that Young Lord Malcolm Kibee has passed on and willed him his estate. Davy and Friar fly to England first class, while Micky, Mike and Peter, lacking air fare, travel in mummy cases. At English customs, Davy recognizes the customs man as Jack Williams, The Monkees show's property master, to which the latter replies, ""Look, sweetie, I may be Jack Williams The Property Man to you, but to 20 million teenagers, I'm The Customs Man."" Then, with a surprisingly convincing impression of Dean Martin, breaks out a fine rendition of his closing theme, ""Ev'rybody Wants Somebody Sometime,"" which has him mobbed by Micky! At Kibee Manor, the nearsighted old butler greets Davy, but shakes hands with a twig. Sir Twiggly Toppin Middle Bottom, the executor, reads the will leaving Kibee Manor to Davy on condition he lives there for five years; if he doesn't, the villagers must buy it for 50,000 otherwise the Lord's

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