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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 21 Monkees Race Again (a.k.a. Leave the Driving to Us)

As The Monkees work on The Monkeemobile, Davy gets a call from T.N. Crumpets, his grandfather's friend and England's major racing driver. At the track, the quartet meets Crumpets and sees that his car (#54) is blown up; they immediately suspect it was the work of saboteurs. At their garage, Baron Von Klutz and Wolfgang, both of whom served as officers in The Third Reich, work on The Klutzmobile (#13). Through a periscope they watch The Monkees as amateur grease monkees, clumsily working on Crumpets' car. Back at Crumpets' garage, The Monkees have nonchalantly taken Crumpets' engine apart - Micky removes a tiger tail in the process! - but still can't get it working again. When The Baron and Wolfgang come over to find out about the sad condition of Crumpets' car, The Monkees throw the car's engine parts about to allay their suspicions, saying it's a way to get rid of excess. When, after a while, Micky starts the engine running again with his hand, Coruthers, the butler, brings tea to cel

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