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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 20 The Devil and Peter Tork

Based loosely on Stephen Vincent Benet's fantasy novel (and the Oscar-winning 1941 RKO movie it spawned) The Devil and Daniel Webster. At Mr. Zero's Pawn Shop, Peter falls in love with a golden harp. Learning Peter has no money, Zero produces a contract, which Peter signs. At the pad, Micky, Mike and Davy remind him that he can't play the harp and urge him to return it. Suddenly, Zero appears in a puff of smoke, and, at his command, Peter plays beautifully. Zero disappears and the boys are immediately booked into a harp act, which is an instant overnight success. The next evening, Zero appears again and, revealing himself to be Beelzebub, presents the contract, which states that Peter's soul is to be delivered by midnight. In a musical fantasy set to ""Salesman,"" Zero, with horns and a tail, and his handmaidens, with pitchforks, chase The Monkees through smoke and flame into a Hall of Mirrors. Returned to reality and their pad, The Monkees realize that the one thing that's scarier than

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