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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 17 Monkees Watch Their Feet

Introduced by Mike Nesmith (who makes his only appearance in this episode in its teaser and its tag), the Secretary for the Dept. of UFO Information (Paulsen) makes an opening statement: ""I've come before these cameras tonight to tell you that you and that we, both human beings and animals, are not alone. At this very moment, walking upon the face of Mother Earth, are aliens from outer space. You may pooh-pooh this statement, but I must say emphatically [He pounds his fist lightly on his desk.], don't pooh-pooh it! Day by day there is increasing evidence of the alienation of our planet. Many of us blame our leaders. Many of our leaders blame us. But the truth lies, as always, beyond our reach. We are being attacked by outer space. These invaders, these aliens from outer space, have cleverly…ly… infiltrated our societies, preying mostly upon the innocence of our youth, because they know they'll try anything. I have for you a documented film report. See before you three average typical y

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