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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 14 Monkees on the Wheel

Prologue: Las Vegas. Pleasure capital of the world, where each man seeks the things he loves most. [Peter follows a girl.] The things he loves most. [Michael follows a girl.] The things he loves most! [David follows a girl.] But all is not fun and games in the gambling capital of the world: while some pursue their pleasures, others pursue their greed. A hideaway on the other side of town... The Monkees go to Las Vegas on an engagement. The Boss, a top mobster and crooked gambler, tells his man Biggy that he has a Roulette wheel automatically fixed to land at 16-Red for five minutes starting at 8:00. Micky plays the slot machines with Zelda, a showgirl, and wins a bagful of coins, and Zelda says he has ""magic fingers."" While explaining to Mike, Micky accidentally puts the bag on the Roulette table on 16-Red—in the place of Biggy, standing next to him—and keeps winning until he breaks the bank. The Boss orders Biggy to get Della The Decoy to swipe the money away from Micky. Posing as a

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