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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 13 Monkees in Texas

After a 3-day drive on a golf cart, The Monkees arrive in Texas, at the ranch owned by Mike's Aunt Kate Nesmith, who orders them to grab rifles - Micky takes a Winchester '73, Davy chooses a Colt .45, Mike picks a Smith and Wesson .38, and Peter grabs a bottle of Vintage '66 - and help drive off Black Bart and his masked riders Red and Sneak, who are trying to drive Kate and her daughter Lucy off and take over the ranch. Bart, Red and Sneak set a kitchen sink afire and wheels it towards the Nesmith ranch, but Davy saves the day by turning on the sink's faucets, dousing the flames. Frightened, Black Bart and his minions beat a hasty retreat. Peter, Davy and Micky want to cut out, too, but Mike insists they must stay, simply because ""a man's first obligation is to his kinfolk, and because it's better to have a brave death than a cowardly life. And besides that, they killed our golf cart!"" Mike and Davy hold the fort at the ranch with Kate and Lucy, while Micky and Peter, incognito as The

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