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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 12 Hitting the High Seas

When half their audience—one patron—walks out, The Monkees lose their jobs as musicians at a waterfront café, and Micky, Peter and Davy drown their sorrows in buttermilk. Then they overhear two tough sailors, Harry Hooker and Frank Reynolds, declaring they need strong guys with the ability to use their hands and knowledge of the Seven Seas. Presenting themselves as sailors, the boys sign on with the sailors and are ordered to report to Pier 3 at 6 in the morning. Once aboard the schooner with Mike, The Monkees wreck a mainsail trying to hoist and unfurl it. Then Mike gets seasick on seasick pills and goes to the galley to rest (where he stays for the remainder of the episode!), and the boys' ignorance during roll call lands them in all in serious trouble. As punishment for disobeying orders to cut their long hair, the tyrannical captain orders Micky, Peter and Davy to be keelhauled and lashed 10 times for insubordination, plus 10 more strokes if they laugh. Davy harshly criticizes this

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