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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 10 Wild Monkees

On the way to a job as hotel musicians, a motorcycle gang buzzes The Monkees. They soon book up at the Henry Cabot Lodge and Cemetery (""If You're Dying To Have A Good Time…See Us""), where they learn from Mr. Blauner, the owner, that they are to double as waiters, bellhops and groundskeepers. Hidden under helmets and goggles, the motorcycle gang shows up at the hotel. The boys try to leave but Blauner makes them stay to take care of their guests—who prove to be four beautiful girls: Nan, Jan, Ann, and the leader, Queeny. The boys make a play for them but are rebuffed at every turn. Deciding they must be rough to win them, The Monkees imagine a School Of Hard Knocks And Bruises, under the tutelage of Micky. When the girls see the boys in Marlon Brandoesque-leather gear as motorcycle freaks, they turn them down because their boyfriends, ""The Black Angels,"" a for-real motorcycle bunch comprised of Big Frank, Big Neal, Big Bruce, and the leader, Big Butch, and responsible for a massacre in

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