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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 9 The Card Carrying Red Shoes

Davy, Micky and Peter are engaged to play really weird native instruments for the Druvanian National Ballet. Ivan slips microfilm in the toe of the slipper of his dancing partner, Natasha Pavlova. Natasha can't bear dancing and rehearsing twenty-four hours a day, and hides in The Monkees' instrument trunk, unbeknownst to the boys, who are kicked out of the theater by Nicolai, the ballet master, and Ivan, who can't bear the sound of their weird music. The Monkees grab their trunk—Natasha hidden inside—and carry it with them. Ivan declares Natasha and the microfilm gone, but Nicolai insists Druvania will get it back at all costs, even at the expense of human life. Back at the pad, Natasha pops out and threatens Davy and Micky at gunpoint, while she falls in love with Peter. Micky gets hold of the pistol and threatens Natasha and Peter. Crying and sobbing, Natasha declares that this was her final chance to stay in America. Micky and Davy report to Nyetovich, the Ambassador, who denies of

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