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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 8 Monkees Marooned

Leonard Sheldon, a con artist, tries to sell Peter the city of San Diego. Peter refuses to buy it but swaps his $108 guitar for Blackbeard's treasure map. The Monkees row out from their set on the Columbia Pictures lot to the island to search for treasure. In the underbrush, they set off an alarm, waking up Major Pshaw. Pshaw, who has been hunting for the treasure for a decade, tells his man Thursday that a fate worse than death awaits Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy. Having captured them in a net hoisted by a crane driven by Thursday, Pshaw invites them for tea and crumpets, and declares to the boys that he shoots all trespassers. Davy asks for a fair chance and Thursday persuades his master to give The Monkees a head start. At the beach, The Monkees find their boat missing, hampering any chance they have of escaping! After a brief encounter with eccentric German Dr. Schwartzkov, The Monkees hear a Tarzanesque jungle yell and a leopard skin-clad octogenarian swings into view and falls do

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