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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 7 Hillbilly Honeymoon (a.k.a. Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding)

The Monkees drive to Swineville (having missed Highway 101 by 2 blocks!), where The Weskitts and The Chubbers have been feuding for generations. They force the quartet to stand on a white line dividing the two, because they both hate strangers. As David—all guns upon him—nervously walks down the middle of the street on the white line in hopes of finding some help, Ella Mae Chubber grabs David, yanks him into a haystack, and kisses him. Paw Chubber holds a gun to David's head and tells him they're engaged, but Judd Weskitt, who loves Ella Mae, enters and guns start popping all over. During the fusillade, Judd and 155 year-old Maw Weskitt (who was born during the Civil War and her need for vengeance is the reason for her longevity) kidnap David, while Paw Chubber finds Ella Mae in the haystack with Micky and greets him as his new son-in-law. Since Ella Mae is turning 16 years old the next day and doesn't want anybody calling her old maid, he doesn't care who she marries, and captures Mic

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