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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 3 Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik

In a lavish hotel, oil-rich King Hassar Yaduin of Nahudi informs Princess Colette, his beautiful daughter, that Vidaru, his sinister prime minister, has consulted the stars, and they say she must marry at once. He suggests Vidaru, but Colette rejects him and picks Davy out of a magazine. Abdul and Shazar appear at the pad, leave Davy's gold in weight, and carry him off in a sack, presenting an invitation to Micky, Mike and Peter for Davy's wedding to Colette Yaduin. Davy balks but changes his mind about marriage when told that Colette visits the grave of a boy who turned her down. Micky, Mike and Peter are thrown out when they try to find Davy. As Davy and Colette fall in love at first sight she pleads that he keep her out of Vidaru's clutches. In disguise, Micky, Mike and Peter get rid of Abdul with a phony bomb scare. The boys don't think that Davy should marry Colette but are won over by the beautiful harem The King presents to them. Swarmed by beautiful harem princesses, Davy assig

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