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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 2 The Picture Frame (a.k.a. The Bank Robbery)

David, Michael and Micky go the old, abandoned Mammoth studio lot, where J.L., a sly con artist posing as a director, hires them for a movie. He dresses them as hoods and sends them to rob a bank, telling them he is using hidden cameras. The Monkees snap a picture of themselves and J.L. with his henchman, Harvey, for publicity, but J.L. discards it. J.L. tells Harvey his scheme is foolproof: either they will get rich, or The Monkees will be caught and go to jail! The boys enter The Ninth National Bank with Thompson submachine guns—scaring everybody in sight—get 50 grand, and return to the studio, amazed at the quality of their acting. Peter goes to the wrong stage at the wrong time, and so is too late to join his pals for the great holdup scene. J.L. pays them $100 each and then tips off the cops. When police converge upon the pad, The Monkees think it's another shooting; the Sergeant orders one of his officers to go in after the boys. The nervous cop enters the pad clutching a machine

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