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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 1 A Nice Place to Visit

...but you certainly wouldn't want to be kidnapped there! The Monkees' second season opener finds The Monkeemobile breaking down in El Monotono, Mexico. While Lupé, a mechanic, looks her over, the boys go into Pedro's Café, where Davy falls in love with Angelita, the pretty waitress, but her father, Pedro, the café's namesake proprietor, orders him to leave. José, a bandito, backs him up with a knife because Angelita is the woman of El Diablo, a.k.a. The Bandit Without A Heart. The boys stack up their chairs on tables and get Davy away. To earn money (all $14.95 of it) to finance the repairs to their vehicle (replacing her whole engine!), The Monkees persuade Pedro to hire them for the cafe and are a huge success, with their new tune ""What Am I Doing Hangin' ‘Round?"". As Davy is kissing Angelita goodbye, El Diablo and his band of banditos burst in. E.D. humiliates Davy by shooting at his feet but Angelita still claims her love for him. As a result, the bandits drag Davy to their camp w

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