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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 20 The Monkees in the Ring

The fight game gets its lumps in this episode. Walking down the street, Davy chides Peter about his leaving a trail of pistachio nuts across the city (""Y'know, if you committed a crime, the police'd find you in 2 minutes!""). Peter apologizes and goes back to pick up the litter of nuts, when suddenly he bumps into a bully. The bully makes ready to slug Peter when Davy intervenes and accidentally subdues him with a light tap on the chin. Joey Sholto, a fight racketeer, bears witness and tells Davy he can become a world champ. Davy's mates feel they'd rather see him alive and well than rich and famous, but Davy goes along with Sholto, and adopts the sobriquet ""Dynamite Davy Jones."" Joey tells Vernon, an ex-boxing champ turned hood that he'll arrange a series of setups for Davy; when he fights the champion, they'll bet against Davy and make a killing when he loses. In a romp set to ""Laugh,"" Davy is put through a rough training regimen and goes on a boxing tour—where every bout he competes

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