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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 19 Find the Monkees (a.k.a. The Audition)

Every local group in the neighborhood—The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents, and The Jolly Green Giants—drop in on The Monkees beach pad to tell them the great news: they have been invited to a TV audition by Hubbell Benson, a TV producer. Sad because Benson hasn't asked them to audition, the boys decide to send him a recording, but Micky has left the tape in a rented recorder. Benson's secretary, Irene Chomsky, accidentally rents the very same machine, and when Benson hears the tape of The Monkees singing ""Mary, Mary,"" he wants to hire them but doesn't know who or where they are! The Monkees go to Benson's office at KNBC-TV studios, but Peter gets the hiccups. Davy and Micky's attempts to cure him result in his contracting seasickness and hay fever. By the time Peter is cured, Benson has left for the Missing Persons bureau, where its secretary gets a hassle searching for a pencil. The Monkees decide to go right up to Benson's office and see him personally, but Peter suffers a hiccup r

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