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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 16 The Son of a Gypsy

Maria, a gypsy, her Grumchek sons, Marco, Kiko, Zeppo and Rocco, and The Monkees audition to play at a party at Madame Rantha's mansion. The gypsies are furious when The Monkees are chosen over them, since they hoped to steal Rantha's Maltese Vulture, a jewel-encrusted statuette. Maria tells The Monkees that there are no hard feelings and invites them to their gypsy camp. There, The Monkees deck out in gypsy clothing, Marco gives each Monkee a good luck charm, and the boys are initiated into the camp. Rocco shows Micky the fine arts of predicting the future via tealeaves, Marco shows Davy how to fight with a switchblade, Kiko teaches Peter a lesson in gypsy dancing and Zeppo instructs Mike on phrenology (i.e., the reading of bumps on one's head), and before they are finished, Micky drinks a mug of tea spiked with a potion which renders him unconscious, Davy is used as a knife throwing target, Peter is wrapped up in lace, and Mike is knocked cold. Finally bound hand and foot and threate

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