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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 14 Dance, Monkees, Dance

When a correct answer to a really tough trivia question (""Who was the 8th President of The United States of America?"") wins Peter a free dancing lesson (valued @ $12.98 [?!]) at the Renaldo's Dance Au Go Go school, the boss, Renaldo, and his shapely aide, Miss Buntwell, trick him into signing a lifetime contract. Davy, Micky and Mike are concerned about Peter's dancing his way to the poorhouse; when Peter declares his tearing up the contract won't get him convicted in any court, they all take part in a hilarious fictitious courtroom scene. Davy, Micky and Mike don robes and wigs as the defense attorney, the prosecutor, and the judge, respectively; and Peter is grilled ruthlessly by prosecutor Micky, hit over the head by Judge Mike's gavel, and eventually found guilty! Returned to reality, Micky (incognito as Peter's solicitor who claims Peter has ""ballpointitis,"" a need to sign long-term contracts!) and Mike try to break Peter's contract but are instead tricked into signing similar con

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