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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 9 The Chaperone

Davy falls for Leslie Vandenburg, daughter of retired general Harley Vandenburg, but, despite his disguises as a magazine subscription salesman and, with Micky, a bomb shelter inspector, can't get past her father. Cynthia, Leslie's friend, reports that Leslie is only allowed to attend only chaperoned parties. Over the phone, General Vandenburg agrees to allow Leslie to attend a Monkees party when Micky - disguised voice as Col. ""Dodo"" Dolenz - assures him a chaperone will be present. After the boys frantically decorate their pad to the tune of ""This Just Doesn't Seem to Be My Day,"" a frantic search ensues for a suitable chaperone. They reject the services of their landlord, Mr. Babbitt, because of his over-expensive fees. The Monkees coach Mrs. Weefers, their cleaning woman (who comes to clean on the second Tuesday of every month with an 'R' in it!), for the role, but she spikes the punch and gets stone-cold drunk before the guests arrive and the party begins. In desperation, Micky, di

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