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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 8 Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse)

While Davy attempts to flip at the beach, young Jonathan Fisher asks him to mind his black stallion, Jeremy. The boy suddenly runs away, leaving Davy no choice but to take the horse home. There, Peter serves Micky and Mike a dish of his own recipe: Cream of Root Beer. Micky breaks out into a werewolf routine that attracts their landlord, Babbitt, who hates animals, suspicious they are keeping a dog. Threatened they will lose their home if they defy Babbitt's rules against pets; they explain it was Micky's werewolf imitation. They successfully fool their landlord, until Mike sees Davy with Jeremy in the pad, and tensions mount even further. Micky again breaks out into his werewolf routine that again attracts their landlord, Babbitt—who this time spots the black stallion! Micky and Mike again allay his suspicions by telling him it's Davy and Peter in a horse costume for a masquerade party. After Babbitt leaves, they try to drag the horse outside, but he refuses to budge. While Davy rushe

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