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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 7 The Monkees in a Ghost Town

The Monkees drive The Monkeemobile from Clarksville to a job out of town. Thanks to a navigational blunder made by Micky, the boys make an unnecessary 150-mile trek through a desert, thus causing The Monkeemobile to run out of gas in a ghost town. The Monkees split up in pairs to search for a gas station. Mike and Davy play a Western fantasy scene (Mike plays double roles: Black Bart and Slade, Davy is Kincaid); meanwhile, Micky and Peter encounter a rusty old triangle used to call cowboys to supper. Since Peter played a triangle in high school, he happily rings it with a hammer; the noise attracts two hoods, George and Lenny, awaiting the arrival of their chief, The Big Man (in the town jail, yet!), so they can take their cut and scram. The two find Mike and Davy, whom Lenny marches towards the town jail, while George searches in vain for the others, who are hiding in a stall just next door. Micky and Peter, disguised as gangsters The Big Man and Spider, respectively, try to overcome

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